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What will "I" do this year?
The time to blame others is over... it's the year to face one's own responsibilities and share your wisdom with others. See a list of the six fears that interfere the most with the way of our divine purpose.



It is very much possible that they cruise all around earth, but who actually has seen one face to face, and is it really that spectacular...?



Civil disobedience
If I would have grown up in times like these, in any big American city, I would have been diagnosed with "diseases" such as: social anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, chemical imbalance, deep depression, and probably others, too, which I'm not even aware about. I would have been drugged up to the eyeballs until I would have been pushed forever into the bizarre place of insanity.



The end
I thank you so much for your interest in my newsletters, some of you followed my thought-constructions for several years now.
No regrets (one can only hope you see it the same way...:-), and this will be definitely the last email







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