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Newsletter, Issue 30, March 2007

Civil disobedience

03/2007 = 12 Hanged Man




If I would have grown up in times like these, in any big American city, I would have been diagnosed with "diseases" such as: social anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, chemical imbalance, deep depression, and probably others, too, which I'm not even aware about. I would have been drugged up to the eyeballs until I would have been pushed forever into the bizarre place of insanity.

Thank God that I grew up in a country where the drug companies had not much influence at that time; and much gratitude for my crazy distrust in all socially organized matters!

My protest in early ages was that of disrespecting "the crowd". Everything done by the crowd was hated by default when I was a teenager, for example mass events like football, or any kind of mainstream wisdom like "puberty is a hard time, life is unfair, growing old is painful". I was laughing into the face of public knowledge with the arrogance of youth. And even though my reactions to society's offers were way too strong and often unfair, it was exactly that behavior, which brought me to discover my true self, my true own values and my true powers.

More so, I discovered that life is neither fair nor unfair; it is what it is and what we make out of it. Once I took full responsibility, those silly terms simply didn't apply any longer. My puberty and menopause have been just a piece of cake, not because but despite of society, thanks to my ability to refuse to believe in crowd's often poor perceptions of reality! While reading a lot I also learned that every thesis has an antithesis; with other words, whatever we choose to believe in we will find the proof for!
Therefore, the radical slogan of my youth was:

Just because 10 billion flies eat shit, doesn't proof that shit tastes good!

(Please excuse my language, but that was the real content of the poster hanging on my wall in 1975...:-)

Civil disobedience was my key to success in the effort to move behind the veil, and from there I could rebuild myself to a more smooth, happy and authentic being. In all honesty, though, it needs to be added, that still every once a while my poor little ego interferes with my otherwise delightful knowledge and spiritual goals. Whenever that happens, I tend to have a huge laughter about myself.

Shifting and shaping one's reality perceptions and taking full responsibility is the hardest thing to understand, but the path to "Know Thyself" is worth it, and if I haven't done already I strongly recommend to watch the movie "The Secret", perhaps again, and again...:-)

So, I guess my plea is that you get the courage to be who you really are; that you strive to live an authentic life, and that you refuse to follow rules which aren't truly yours and make no sense to you.

Just a minute ago I received the link to a young man refusing to play by the rules of the US military. Now THAT is what I'm talking about...:-)
And IF this story is true, which I have no proof for, then I would like to thank U.S. Army Lieutenant Ehren Watada for his enormous courage to stand up and speak his truth, and thereby enabling others to do the same.



Frederic Delarue

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Much Love and Light and Oneness,


There is no "truth hammered in stone".
The only truth you can rely on is the truth in your own heart.


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