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Newsletter, Issue 10, October 2004

1. What is the energy of October 2004
There is nothing like experience
3. Something to smile
4. A Poem

What is the energy of October 2004

October 2004 is associated with the energy of the number 16.
In the Tarot it is represented by the card "The Tower", the principle of restoration and renovation. It is a time to recognize of our natural ability to heal, renovate, and restore ideas, people, buildings, organizations, and environments.
Sudden undesired events may occur in all areas of life, such as love, friendship, health, or financially. But the "tower can withstand all storms", as long as we are in alignment with our intuition. Solely intellectual decisions should not be made this month, but allow decisions based on your "guts feeling". Be ready and open to receive eye-opening epiphanies, while repairing or renovating old issues. And yet, sometimes a tower (idea, event, relationship) has to crash down so that a new one can be built for the better of all.

There is nothing like experience
By Martin Kelman
One can only believe what one has experienced or thought possible. How can you expect to believe something you have not experienced! We read books about healers and psychics, people who channel, and other assorted “miracles” that have occurred but they haven’t happened to us. One reaction is to discount these things as impossible, misunderstood, God’s work, unexplained, or that they are just a scam to make one rich or famous. Another reaction would be to examine these events in order to understand them and perhaps develop yourself so that you may experience these events. I suggest you take a step toward understanding these events, albeit a tentative one, TAKE A STEP.
Although I had been interested for many years in psychic phenomena, had many readings, tried different forms of meditation, read tarot for fun and friends, went to psychic fairs, and such, it was not until the age of 48 that I started to experience psychic abilities. It was only then that I began in earnest to understand what was happening to me. But the search for why I was here and for what purpose, was, and still is, a burning desire that drives me. It is a puzzle, and the answers come slowly, and sometimes in great bursts, but I do understand much more now about our existence and my purpose here than I did before.
  The point is that until you are ready to try different experiences, or wish to understand more, you won’t. In some cases we are pushed by our experiences to understand what is happening to us. We have dreams that come true, see events before they happen, have recurring DeJa-Vu, have out of body experiences, and in general, see or feel things that canno
t be explained by our present belief systems. In many cases because of the extreme pain we are feeling whether physical, mental or emotional, we are forced to look inside at our lives and ask why our lives are the way they are.
What are we missing? How can we improve our lives? How can we change our lives? I am so lost, what can I do? I am so alone? Why is this happening to me? What are we doing to our world? What will be left for our children? Why are so many suffering?
Try something different! I am suggesting experiences, PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WHERE YOU FEEL AND SEE FOR YOURSELF not lectures or reading books, although they are very appropriate and important and will come into your life at the right times.
Go to different workshops. Go to a sweat lodge, or if you don’t like to sweat, go get a nice healing, or an energy balance. Try a guided meditation tape. Take a shaman workshop. Learn how to program your dreams. Talk to people who have knowledge about your personal experiences and ask them how they might be of help. Explore meditation or healing circles, buy a deck of tarot cards, or runes, or a pendulum and have some fun with it. You might surprise yourself at how well you do.
With all respect and love: Marty

Something to smile

How angels look like

It was one of those financial bottleneck times, and I decided to leave Colorado and my friends to make money as a show painter in LA. From my last resources I bought the tax license, prepared my easel, organized the right paper and found a supplier for my very special chalk.

I used the first days not only to enjoy myself on the beach but to check out the situation at Venice Beach and to learn how to put myself out there as an artist. Which was an ugly procedure from my point of view. Latest at 7 AM every artist and vendor had to be on the boardwalk, lined up with a hundred other artists, waiting until the police would allow them to run over to the other side of the boardwalk and to occupy a spot. VERY early, still fog over the ocean and the beach, a very strange competition, and an overall bizarre atmosphere.

Soon, my first "working day" had come, and so I stood with all the others in a line along the boardwalk, waiting 2 hours for the go-signal from the police. I felt cold, tired and somewhat scared. What if I don’t get a good spot? What if someone else runs faster and grabs my pre-chosen spot? What if I can’t grab a spot at all? What neighbors will I have — Nice? Friendly? Welcoming me?

And after this torture, will I be able to build up the necessary euphoric mood and intention in order to be able to do my show painting?

Well, I got a spot. Not a good spot, but at least a spot. Nevertheless, the waiting was far not over yet. Hours and hours followed in which everyone of us hoped, that some visitors will find their way to the beach. But it was a cloudy day, the fog never really cleared up, and the cool breeze from the ocean was almost uncomfortable. Not a good day. In 3 days from now my rent was due, and I had $20 left in my wallet.

By 2 PM, after 7 hours waiting, the vendor to my left gave up and went home. Others followed and very soon Venice Beach looked halfway deserted. Unbelievable torture, to wait 7 hours, standing in one spot and waiting for visitors to come. I was not willing to give up yet, but I also was sure, that I would not ever try this again — no matter how bad my situation seemed to be, but this was unacceptable, and my mood had dropped down to frustration.

In the meanwhile, a beautiful looking black man in his early twenties occupied the spot next to me and displayed a few little oil paintings, nicely framed, laying on the bare ground. A poor presentation. He just stood there. Waiting. A majestic figure, just standing there and waiting. And waiting, waiting, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hours.

I tried several times to just walk over to him for a talk and was filled with the wish to say something uplifting, but I couldn't. He was so incredible beautiful. And I am not shy at all, yet I just couldn't go. The very few visitors passing by did not acknowledge him, as if he was invisible. I felt deep loving compassion and wished so strong to nurture him with words of comfort, but simultaneously it also felt silly, somehow not appropriate… really strange.

By 4 PM he too put the paintings in his backpack and was on his way to leave the boardwalk. This was my last chance, so I squeezed it out "I am sorry that you haven’t sold anything!"

For the first time he looked at me, right into my eyes. Oh Lord, how can a man be so beautiful! While walking by he said: "This boardwalk is all about consistency, consistency" and disappeared.

He acted and sounded like a professional, and I felt stupid, because he did in 2 seconds what I tried unsuccessfully in 2 hours: to say something uplifting.

He must be an angel. That was all I could think. A God sent angel with a message for me.

The next 2 days I did well on Venice Beach, thinking all the time about the message "consistency, consistency". It really helped me to overcome those moments in which I just wished to give up. And there have been many of those moments! In the end, I made the money for the rent and living.

Over the following 3 months I established a good position among the artists; I made friends, and I made a good income -- and I was always looking for the angel. He was definitely not a "regular" on the boardwalk, otherwise I would have met him there again. This was just another proof to me that he only could have been an angel. Not only he was young, incredible beautiful, humble, and seemed to be invisible for others, but he spoke the message he had to deliver … and was never seen again.

Today, more than 4 years later, I can think about this incident as co-incidence. I can think that he never came back to the boardwalk because he had better things to do. I can think that this incident was not special at all, and that actually I decided for myself to keep on trying and being consistent. This thought is "cold", it's just a thought with no effect on me. But if I choose to think that I really had angelic assistance, instantly I feel warmth and love, my surrounding seems to be brighter and friendlier, and waves of happiness are floating through me… and then I remember, that life is merely a very long chain of decisions… therefore I tell you: I do have met an angel in person on Venice Beach!

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