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Aug 09
chat with a Martian robot...
Jan 09

Youtube video with Gregg Braden
(click here to see if it is still online...)

Mar 08
• new animation in member area
new screensaver "window painting 114"
Dec 07

Winter greeting card for you...
(just close the window when finished viewing)

Sep 07
BLOG: being no-body trying to be some-body... - opens new window
Aug 07

the last newsletter
why I discontinued the newsletter and started a blog instead.

Jun 07
new spiritual and metaphysical search engine (new window)
Search engine just for spiritual and metaphysical matters - quick and relevant results.
Mar 07

newsletter: Civil disobedience
movie: Prescription for Disaster!
new: live chat with text & audio & video
I don't expect hundreds of live activities (don't even have the resources..:-) I'm just offering the option, so that two like minded beings may have the chance to connect.

Feb 07

newsletter: U.F.O.s
It is very much possible that they cruise all around earth, but who actually has seen one face to face, and is it really that spectacular...?


Jan 07
newsletter: What will "I" do this year?
The time to blame others is over... it's the year to face one's own responsibilities. See a list of the six fears that interfere the most with the way of our divine purpose.
Dec 06

My Winter greeting card for you...
(just close the window when finished viewing)
personal: a 180 degree shot for my friends
(for 2 days we couldn't leave the house because of all the snow)

Sep 06
OUCH... Tribulus terrestris
Newsletter September 06
1 "weather in Denver" video
  1 new Miscellaneous greeting card: WOW, how do you do that...?
Aug 06

Is it an UFO? ... we have a winner
5 "weather in Denver" videos

Jul 06
the member area, as a separated area, is no longer existing.
I was able to put certain files behind a login, but the strict separation between member area and main page is gone. Doing this felt like a digital reunification...:-)
You can sign up, change your settings, or cancel your account on every page where a login is required, or at:
Jun 06

Beautiful large glass diamonds
• The 7 main chakras now on tile coasters
• For a brief period of time: 13% off on all mugs

Is it an UFO? Watch a video and win...

Apr 06

newsletter: menopause in conclusion, Spirit's jokes with me: "Someone saw a number on me.."
new song uploaded: 029 I love Piano
new song uploaded: 028 Owner of a love
It Works! The famous little red book as Paperback Booklet
Found new free ONLINE software...

Mar 06
Live webcam
FINALLY I made one: The Fools Day card
It's fun, YEAH, I made another April Fool's Day card
• For technical reasons, and your convenience, I had to remodel the entire site - hope you like the better accessibility
New link directory - you can add your homepage URL 
Feb 06

They are back... the Floating Light Devices
new greeting card: I am so wonderfully lost in the ocean of love
new greeting card: Angel kiss
new greeting card: Today I will understand both sides of the coin
new greeting card: The only way to see your Angels is...

Jan 06
newsletter January
with your donation get a free SKYPE chat with me
Dec 05
What is the energy of December
Nov 05

What is the energy of November
• GIFT ideas:
- "God bless the World" printed greeting cards and STAMPS!
- all new printed greeting cards with envelops
- all new calendar prints
- 2006 Adonai Wall Calendar with 13 unique art images

Oct 05
What is the energy of October
Guest writer Rav Michael Laitman PhD: "Kabbalah Revealed"
Guest writer YIT: "Who are You?"
1 new Love greeting card
4 new Holiday greeting cards
Sep 05

What is the energy of September
Number 7 and 9 - explanation, and how to create Mandalas
Number 6 - explanation, and how to create Mandalas
I am a proud Earthling

Aug 05

What is the energy of August
I am the proof... it IS easy to stop smoking!
no money needed for a sunset... new greeting cards

Jul 05
What is the energy of July
Let it Be - original sound file with lyrics
Animation - A Faucet isn't just a Faucet...
new inspirational greeting cards


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