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Meditation as Special Tool in Bio-Energy Healing



Article by:
Michael & Eva Nudel, Ph.D.


There is a special tool which may promote the development and mastery of a special mind state and bio-energetic ability to feel and assess human energy - meditation.

Healers achieve a special state of consciousness, spiritual knowledge, and self-realization through meditation. Eastern mystics consider meditation as highly sophisticated, and a private method to observe nature, the universe, and to achieve constant awareness to perceive a new reality of the inner self - microcosm, and thus, the Universe - macrocosm. Eastern mystics consider humans the whole and identify themselves with the ultimate reality, and Divine who controls everything from within the body.

With meditation techniques require the mind to be absolutely quieted, not thinking. Meditation helps to shift awareness from the rational to the intuitive mode of consciousness. Energy healers have to develop the ability to attain meditative mode of consciousness. For someone it seems a completely new experience. Nevertheless, any bio-energy work demands a healer to be in meditative state of mind.

While in meditative state, At first mind goes empty, and then the feeling is replaced by creative imagination or day dreaming. Inner healing of the physical body is accelerated in meditative state. And healing by bio-energy can be done while the healer and healee appear to be in this state.







Meditative state brings harmonious balance between left hemisphere activity (rational thinking), and right hemisphere activity of the brain (creativity) and a balanced state of whole-brain integration while physical body is deeply relaxed. This is extremely beneficial to reach a higher level of mental powers and reorientation toward life. In this state the mind works at high intellectual levels, and it is accompanied with creativity, euphoria, intuition, and feeling of being oneness with the universe.

In many forms of meditation, this quieting of the rational mind is achieved by concentrating one's attention on a single thing or sound (breathing, mantra, or a visual image). One method of concentration of your consciousness on one thing or thought at the time of exercise is not easy to do, because the mind thinks all the time, recalling unexpected and unusual thoughts. Also it does not want concentrate on one thing or it is distracted. People need meditation because they think about their problems all the time. They need to learn how to relax and forget about them for a while. The ability to stay concentrated or distracted for a while is a mastery that can be achieved by frequent practice. When you can stay concentrated, you are able to control your physical, mental, and, later, even energetic state.

In the beginning of practice of meditation, if you experience your mind starting to wander, try to return your consciousness to the object of meditation and wave away those thoughts like clouds. When mind concentrates on one chosen thought or object, it is not possible to worry, fear, and hate. When practiced regularly, your body can learn about the way of ridding anxiety, depression, fear, hostility and other stressful emotions.

You will learn to manage strong and habitual emotions, and let them pass without any trace. You will be able to maintain equilibrium in your life without unhealthful emotions. Whenever you need to release tension, tiredness, pain, or stressful emotions, find a comfortable posture, center yourself, and take several deep breaths. Begin your meditation and focus on sensations of inner discomfort, scanning your body to see if muscles are tightening. Find ways to calm self down repeating gently "Relax", or "Let it go more". Later, you can scan your body for tension, take several deep breaths, and relax.

It is better to start meditation with breath-counting. In the beginning, just simply count each deep inhalation to ten, then start over with "one". Observe what is going on within yourself, wait until all current sensations are gone; however, return the consciousness to the counting. When you open your eyes at the end of your meditation, you will realize you feel much more relaxed than you did before meditating.

For your meditation you can choose any sitting postures with crossed legs, or Yoga postures where you can sit straight. To find the balance of the body, you can rock slightly from side to side. Breathe through your nose. Touch the palate of your mouth with your tongue. All you need is a quiet place, comfortable pose, and emptiness of the stomach (not less then two hours after eating).

Staying centered or grounded is an important part of meditation and bio-energetic work. Closing your eyes, or discentering your vision, render centering physically and psychologically, finding inside yourself internal reference of stability. The centering is an act of self-searching, understanding of own being and relationship to the universe.

Through centering you can be aware of dynamics of your own consciousness and body.

In the beginning of practice, pay special attention to the full abdominal breathing.
Breathing will become deeper unconsciously with practice.

Maintenance of passive attitude during meditation helps to achieve meditative state. For beginners to have a lot of thoughts and few moments of clear consciousness is natural, nevertheless, try to diffuse and become oneness with the universe by gradually mastering switching the consciousness. Starting with a few minutes, you will find meditation comfortable from 20 to 30 minutes.

The most common form of meditation throughout the world is "mantra" meditation. "Mantra" is a use of any words or syllables. The most effective "mantra" is "OM" (universal mantra, that connect our souls with universe). Pronounce it as a music note, "A-A-O-M-M-M" Let the mantra find its own rhythm as you repeat it over and over again. Chant your mantra mentally or aloud, which ever is more relaxing to you. Listen to inner self. Instead of inner voice, your consciousness has to chant the mantra.

By Michael and Eva Nudel, Ph.D.
with permission, August 2001




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